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exterior front door of a gray home with a pink flag and flowers and bushes

Buying a home is a big and exciting accomplishment but, still, it is daunting to move into a new home for many reasons. As a new homeowner, you have so many things to think about: moving, meeting your new neighbors,...

Classic silver car with the top down, red interior and red steering wheel

Everyone wants to save money, and your car often makes up a major chunk of your monthly budget. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to reduce those costs with a little smart planning. One of the best ways to...

exterior of a multi-family apartment building with an emergency escape ladder zig zagging up the front between large bay windows

Renting can make you feel disconnected from where you live. Since it isn’t permanently yours, you may feel like there’s no reason to invest in it at all. Money is tight for a lot of people, especially recent college grads....

arial shot of a field with dramatic fluffy clouds rolling over

The rich Midwest farmland is a wellspring of agricultural bounty. But even with its fertile lands and vast agricultural expanse, the area faces the constant threat of nature’s fury. Natural disasters like hailstorms, winds, and fires pose unprecedented risks to...

blue car stuck in deep snow

Residents living in Nebraska and South Dakota are familiar with extreme weather. We’ve surely seen our share of snow and extreme winter temperatures in the past, but even so, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on some extreme...

Be thankful always.

Thanksgiving is a very important holiday despite retailers’ tendencies to let other special days crowd it out. It reminds us to stop and think about the positive things in our lives. It is a chance to be mindful, give thanks,...