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Gold Jewelry

Have you bought a particularly expensive gift? Or are you giving somebody in your family an item now while you are alive? Gifts such as cars, art, collectibles, heirlooms, jewelry, etc. might be appreciated, but there is also a risk...

Sport injury

We’re well into basketball season, and while engaging in a fun game of hoops, or any sport really, is a great way to stay healthy, it can also result in a risk of injury. Most sports injuries are minor, but...

Outdoor safety

Living in Northeast Nebraska and Southeast Dakota means dangerously cold temperatures in the winter, gusty winds, and enough snow to cause a hazard. Most residents understand the importance of staying safe while driving on icy roads, but the potential dangers...

Car tire on a winter road in snow covered forest.

Winter is an exciting time for snow sports, snowball fights, and Christmas baking. But you also have to drive your car during the winter months. If your vehicle is not properly prepared for winter weather, it can lead to costly...

Delivered packages by a front door at a home

The holidays are around the corner so you will be ordering more packages than usual. Between routine needs, decorations, and presents, you will likely be getting deliveries nearly daily. Unfortunately, porch pirates (people who steal packages) are on the rise,...

Aerial view of the combine harvester agriculture machine working on ripe wheat field.

Nebraska farmers have started the process of harvesting this year’s crops. The good news of a bountiful harvest comes with the possibility of crop damage. If you are a farmer in Nebraska who experiences crop damage, it is important to...