Outdoor Spring Cleaning Ideas and How to Stay Safe 

Spring is right around the corner, and outdoor spring cleaning will be a challenge after the winter most of us have had. Whether it was the damaging winds in the South or the heavy snowfall in the North, chances are that mother nature has left some messes for you to clean up this spring. As the weather warms up and you are looking for excuses to get outside, it is time to get your outdoor spring cleaning done before it gets too hot. This checklist covers many outdoor spring cleaning chores homeowners have to look forward to and some advice on staying safe during spring cleaning.  

Cleaning The Gutters 

Clogged gutters are a pain because they aren’t just a little nuisance; they can cause your gutter to overflow with water causing expensive damage to the gutters and even the roof. Cleaning out the gutters requires a ladder or being on top of the roof, so the best advice is to have someone help you and hold the ladder to ensure you are steady. In addition, collect all of the tools you will need, like a hose, plumbing snake, and sealant, to limit the number of trips you have to make up and down the ladder.  

Lawn Maintenance 

Lawn work is probably the most dreaded outdoor spring cleaning we must do just because there is so much of it. Early in the spring, it is important to pull up all the dead grass and scan for areas that need reseeding to make your lawn full and lush. While scanning for dead patches, keep your eye out for rocks since the lawn mower blade can easily catch one and send it flying toward the house, car, or possibly a neighbor.  

Garage Organization 

Garage organization is another typical spring cleaning job because you can open the door to let in the fresh air and sunlight. If you don’t already have vertical storage installed in your garage, now is the time to do it to help get a lot of the clutter off of the ground and make your garage safer to navigate. When installing new shelving, make sure that it is securely attached to the wall or ceiling before letting it bear any weight.  

Tree Trimming 

During the winter, branches can break, leaving potentially dangerous hanging branches that need to be taken care of before they fall on someone or something. Additionally, you may have some branches that are hanging over the street or inching their way toward power lines. No matter why you want to cut those branches back, cut them back to the bud pointed in the direction you would like the branch to continue growing. If the branches are large or in a position that may cause harm if not cut correctly, contacting a professional arborist for assistance is always a good idea.  

Power Washing 

Blowing winds and precipitation tend to scatter dirt and debris everywhere from the driveway to the siding, and the best way to flush it all away is with a power washer and some detergent. While effective, power washers can be dangerous, and they can cut through skin like a knife, so it is vital to know how to operate one and to wear durable clothing that protects your legs and arms. Since the water will eventually go down the gutters or soak into the ground, using a natural detergent that won’t negatively impact groundwater is vital.  

Safety is the Number One Priority 

Being outside again and adding to your curb appeal is exciting but can also be dangerous. Whether working on the roof, trimming trees, or cleaning the garage, potential hazards will be all around you, so ensure you are protected.  Contact us to find your local Northeast Nebraska Insurance agent to get a customized package that fits your needs perfectly! 

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