Safety Tips for College Renters in Time for Back to School

For college students, going back to school means going back to their apartment. This means college students are renters—renters who need to understand the importance of being smart and safe in their apartments. College apartments are full of fun (and they should be), but unfortunately, accidents can happen that can lead to issues. So, here are some tips college students should follow, in order to avoid flooding, fires, damage, and other problems in their rental apartments:

Use Surge Protectors

Fires are scary, so to avoid a fire in your apartment, renters should take precautions and remember to use surge protectors. Not only do surge protectors prevent fires, but they also prevent damage that could ruin your expensive electronics.

Don’t Leave Friends in Your Apartment Unattended

College students shouldn’t let their friends gather in their apartments unattended. When friends stay in your apartment without your supervision, things might take a turn for the worse. Of course, this won’t happen all the time, but you never know what could happen, so to avoid theft or other issues, make sure you don’t let people who aren’t on the lease stay in the apartment alone.

Don’t Leave Flammable Things Inside

Flammable items, like gasoline cans, propane tanks, and other materials should never be stored inside. If your apartment complex has a grill, do not store any propane inside, even for a temporary period. This can cause a fire.

Clean Lint Traps in Your Laundry Room

If your apartment has an in-home dryer, you’ve got to make sure that you clean your lint traps. When lint builds up, and lint traps are not properly cleaned, you can ruin your dryer and—worse—cause fires. Take a few moments whenever you wash and dry clothes to empty your lint trap.

Always Lock Doors

When break-ins happen, it’s likely you’ll get your valuables taken, which is stressful and inconvenient. Especially because college students are reliant on things like their computers, tablets, wireless headphones, and other valuables, you don’t want important things stolen in the middle of classes. So, to avoid a break-in from happening in the first place, lock your doors. Make it a habit for all of your roommates to leave the house with keys, at all times.

Turn off the Water after Use

You might not expect this, but it’s easy for sinks and bathtubs to cause floods. So, don’t leave the water running in your apartment. When you’re finished washing dishes, taking a bath, or filling up your water bottle, turn the water off immediately. This will avoid floods, which can irrevocably damage your belongings. You don’t want that!

Make Sure Valuable Items are Not Visible in Cars

Many college students park their cars outside their apartments. If this is the case, make sure no items are visible from the outside of your car. People break into cars near college campuses frequently, and you wouldn’t want anything to be stolen from inside your car. Plus, of course, it is not fun to have to repair your car, after it is broken into. Be smart and make sure your car is clean, without valuable belongings inside.

Prepare for Back to School with Northeast Nebraska Insurance

College students know that they need to purchase school supplies, new clothes and shoes, apartment décor, and other things for back to school, but if you’re renting an apartment, add insurance to your list, too. Purchasing renter’s insurance is crucial for anyone living in an apartment within a college town. You deserve peace of mind when you go back to school. So, whether you’re shopping for yourself or your child, Northeast Nebraska Insurance can help you find the renter’s insurance that’s right for your situation. Contact us, for more information.

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