Protect Your Packages From Porch Pirates

The holidays are around the corner so you will be ordering more packages than usual. Between routine needs, decorations, and presents, you will likely be getting deliveries nearly daily. Unfortunately, porch pirates (people who steal packages) are on the rise, and once those packages are delivered, they are your responsibility. Thankfully, you can take steps to protect yourself and your property from these criminals this holiday season and beyond. 

How Do I Keep My Packages Safe?

There are several ways you can keep your packages safe; these are just a few examples. 

Porch Pirate Bag

These bags are made from durable material that is both waterproof and hard to puncture. Delivery drivers can place your packages in the bag and then lock the bag, making it difficult for porch pirates to access your packages. Ensure the bag is locked to the house, so the pirates don’t take off with the whole thing. 

Ask for a Signature

Not all companies give you the option to request a signature for delivery, but if you have the option and know you’ll be home when the package is delivered, you can request a signature for delivery. This ensures that the package is handed directly to someone in your house and doesn’t spend any time in front of the door. 

Have Packages Delivered Elsewhere

If you are worried about having packages in front of your house unattended for hours, opt to have them delivered elsewhere. A few popular options are to have your packages delivered to your work, drop them off at a package pick-up area like an Amazon locker, or do site-to-store pick-up. This option may be a little inconvenient and cause you to go out of your way, making it less convenient, but it will guarantee that your packages stay safe. 

Get a Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras are increasingly popular because they allow you to communicate with people at your front door from anywhere. While they won’t expressly prevent a porch pirate from stealing your packages, they will allow you to catch them in the act and hopefully scare them off by yelling at them. If they are particularly bold and still take your package, you will at least have a video of the suspect to give to the police. 

Create a Neighborhood Watch

If you live in a close-knit community, you can create a neighborhood watch that, at the very least, watches for suspicious activity in the area. Neighbors could also share responsibilities for picking up each others’ packages and storing them until they can pick them up. 

Create a Hiding Spot

One of the most innovative ways people are preventing porch pirates is by adding decorations that double as package hiding spots. You can buy decor that is made explicitly for hiding packages or create your own. Most porch pirates won’t approach your house if they don’t see any packages in plain sight. Just be sure to speak with your delivery driver or leave a note on the door, so they know they are supposed to be hiding your packages in the designated area. 

What Do I Do if My Package is Stolen?

If your package is stolen, there are a few steps you should take to recover your item or your money. 

Contact the Seller

All sellers have different policies, but some of them will replace the stolen product. They will also be able to tell you if your item was marked as delivered but is actually still in transit. 

File a Claim with the Delivery Company

Sometimes sellers will try to shift the responsibility to the delivery company. If this is the case, you want to file a claim with the company as soon as possible and hope they will replace your item. 

Use Purchase Protection

Some major credit cards come with purchase protection as a benefit. Check your credit cards to see if they offer purchase protection benefits and how much they cover. Some credit cards will only cover purchases up to a certain amount and require you to file a police report. 

File a Claim with Home Owner’s Insurance

The good news is that most homeowners’ insurance will cover stolen packages. The bad news is that the package price has to be more than your deductible, so it has to be a high-value item before this option becomes viable. 

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Contact us if you have more questions about how our insurance can give you peace of mind during the holiday season. Our agents will be happy to answer your questions and help however they can. We hope you have a fun and joyful holiday season. 

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